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    1. ?a href="cp.asp?lmmc=Automotive+plastic+parts&xlmc=Cylinder+Head+Cover" title="Cylinder Head Cover">Cylinder Head Cover
    2. ?a href="cp.asp?lmmc=Automotive+plastic+parts&xlmc=Plastic+tank" title="Plastic tank">Plastic tank
    3. ?a href="cp.asp?lmmc=Automotive+plastic+parts&xlmc=Bumper" title="Bumper">Bumper
    4. ?a href="cp.asp?lmmc=Automotive+plastic+parts&xlmc=Roof" title="Roof">Roof
    5. ?a href="cp.asp?lmmc=Automotive+plastic+parts&xlmc=Instrument+panel" title="Instrument panel">Instrument panel
    6. ?a href="cp.asp?lmmc=Automotive+plastic+parts&xlmc=Door+Plate" title="Door Plate">Door Plate
    7. ?a href="cp.asp?lmmc=Automotive+plastic+parts&xlmc=Fender" title="Fender">Fender
    8. ?a href="cp.asp?lmmc=Automotive+plastic+parts&xlmc=Other" title="Other">Other
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      MG Iveco Yuejin light trucks
      Shanghai Huizhong China Heavy Duty Truck Liu steam
      Shanghai Huizhong China Heavy Duty Truck Liu steam
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      Great Wall Motor BYD Chongqing Lifan
      Jiangsu Dongfang automotive ornaments general factory decorated area of 50000 square meters, construction area of 36.9 thousand square meters. Plant employees 386 people, including engineers and technicians and professional management personnel 66 people, 5 senior engineers, senior technicians, 2, intermediate technical staff of 14 junior technical personnel 10 people.
      Factory has fixed assets of 78 million yuan, the existing more than 120 types of machinery and equipment, among which 25 sets injection molding machines, the largest clamping force for the 2500T (injection capacity of 18,000 grams), 100T hydraulic machine 2 sets, 315T hydraulic machine 1, Italy, vacuum machine 2 sets, the Italian company's high-pressure foaming machine Kanglong two sets, the European six-layer blow molding machine producing two sets of 500 meters line of a Ring Road, painting, vibration welding machine, hot plate welding machine the number of sets, in addition to various types of 20 sets of testing equipment.>> More

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